Our exclusive Synergy Academy is a BENEFIT of Synergy National Membership. Our Synergy Academy Third Mind meet the last Friday of each month. (except for December).

During the Synergy National Third Mind Events, one of our Academy Coaches takes the helm as we dive deeper into material covered during the month. Don’t be surprised if current business challenges are discussed and viable solutions are suggested on the spot. This is the COLLECTIVE POWER of The Third Mind and the PRICELESS VALUE of your Synergy National Membership. Guests are welcome to attend one time and experience the brain trust…amazing!


Business Development Opportunities

  • Generate More Leads

  • Increase Conversion Rates

  • Compel More Frequent Transactions

  • Command Higher Prices

  • Generate Greater Profits

  • Build a Valuable Business


Charlie Collins
Founder & Consultant Synergy National

Diane Wingerter
President Synergy National

Damon Cockrel
Business Development Director

Lillian Zarzar
Synergy Academy Director

Paul Kilzer
Synergy Academy Buckeye Chapter Coach

Deb Aungst
Synergy Academy Easton Chapter Coach

Anthony Redic
Synergy Academy PLUS Chapter Coach