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Determination and a strong sense of self launched the career of Matthew Bradford, now a Partner with insightETE, a software design and implementation company.  Matt spent six months attempting to get his foot in the door with any IT company back in 1999.   As a very young child, Matt knew IT was his destiny.  He utilized his thirst for knowledge to teach himself how to read and write by programming computers at 4 years of age.  Due to his lack of a formal education or formal training, Matt found himself in difficult circumstances trying to land his first job. But since the day that Matt extended an offer to Advanced Programming Resources, an offer that they couldn’t refuse, he has been a sought-after commodity and has been recruited by several subsequent employers.


Starting out as a naïve, go-getter, numerous business lessons were  learned from the school of hard knocks.  One valuable lesson learned was that of truly understanding  the goals and objectives of your employer.   Matt was under the impression that if he saved a company 150 Million Dollars, that the employer would be happy with him.  But unbeknownst to Matt, when a company is trying to file for bankruptcy, such a savings puts quite a ripple in their plan, and thus he saw his career with them come to an end.  After that rude awakening, Matt became an Independent Consultant until he received an opportunity with JP Morgan Chase in 2003, and started as a Quality Assurance Analyst Level 3.   While at JP Morgan Chase, Matt had various opportunities to interact with insightETE and always felt that they had “something very special regarding how their software worked, but how it looked was just plain ugly,” shares Matt.  “But in my heart, I always wanted to see them succeed.”


Because of some inter-department changes at JP Morgan Chase, Matt found himself no longer reporting to

Tom Martin, one of the greatest leaders and visionaries that he has had the pleasure to work with.  “I always strive to emulate his leadership skills whenever I can.  Tom is very well-respected by his co-workers and subordinates and always gives others credit when credit is due.  Largely due to this acknowledgment for my abilities, I was being offered 5-10 jobs per month,” shares Matt.


Matt’s work caught the attention of HCL America and he was offered a job in Huntington Beach, California, which ironically is where he was born.  HCL America placed Matt with an opportunity that developed into an unbelievable career path with The Boeing Company.  Within 2 ½ hours of being hired, he was promoted to Technical Lead and within 2 more weeks, promoted to a Manager.  Of course, Matt did not stop there.  Over the course of the next 3 months, Matt added software responsibilities, established a plan, created a massive training initiative including manuals, and due to the virtual training model, he was able to relocate  back to Dublin, Ohio, which he calls  home.  The design, implementation and training that he created and facilitated were so state-of-the-art that he worked himself out of a job.  Matt states, “I was fine with that.”


In 2012, insightETE was looking to make some changes and additions, so Matt bought into the company.  “This opportunity fulfills  the entrepreneurial spirit  within me.  In large companies it is hard for one person to have an impact, but here what I do…or don’t do…. on a daily basis, does lead to the success or failure of a company.”  CEO’s and CFO’s of Fortune 500 companies with a target IT Investment upward of 10 Million Dollars  are the perfect target client for the IT analysis, problem solving capabilities and efficient, yet predictive foresight that Matt provides through the insightETE patented software. 


The software is the most beneficial to Financial Institutions  with a retail presence, Hospitals, City Governments, State Governments, or the U.S. Government.  “We recently put in a bid into the Department of Defense. InsightETE has a ‘proof of concept’ policy meaning we accept an assignment to fix a problem and we either fix it or we go away, simple as that.  But when we fix it, then we are given the entire project,” confidently states Matt. “Integrity of the data is paramount, as the data tells the story.”  Matt proudly reflects on one of his favorite career moments.  “I was granted a reluctant 20 minute meeting to present a demo to The Chief Architect of the State of New York.  One and a half hours later, The Chief Architect was so impressed that he didn’t want the session to end.  That was such an outstanding day, it was one of meaningful progress.”  Fortune 500 Companies that are looking for software issues to be addressed and solved, are wise to seek-out and enlist the raw talent and surefire attitude of Matthew  Bradford.  “Stagnation is my worst enemy!”

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