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Andrew Ramsey
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Precision Solution Group, LLC

Columbus, Ohio

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Founding Partner, Synergy National

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Telephone: 614.519.4042



Andrew Ramsey, President and CEO of Precision Solution Group, as well as Founding Partner of Synergy National, exemplifies a true story that can inspire anyone striving for business success.  Born in Urbana, Ohio, Andrew was not born into wealth, status or a family business.  Moving around constantly during school, Andrew did not have the fortune to complete a single school-year at the same school until he reached the first of four High Schools he attended.  Andrew has been on his own and providing for himself since he turned 18.  While growing up, hard work, focus and logic-based decision making skills were embedded into Andrew by his Grandfather and two key friendships.  These influential skill sets helped to shape and groom Andrew into the determined, successful Entrepreneur that he is today.

Drive, determination and ambition persuaded Andrew to attend and graduate from DeVry Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2002.  Applying his degree, talent and ‘true calling’ for designing, building and implementing technology, Andrew began his career with companies such as Clark Refining, Nationwide Insurance and The Scotts Company, where he traveled throughout Europe, Canada and The United States.  While at Scotts, Andrew launched Precision Solution Group, and obtained a Law Firm as his first client. Currently, the client list includes small to medium-sized businesses that span the U.S.  Precision Solution Group serves clients in markets such as HealthCare, Non-Profit Sector, Legal, Financial and Accounting. 

Andrew exudes passion for integrity, honesty and ethical business practices and solutions.  The result of Andrew’s vast knowledge of software and hardware causes him to be a unique, sought-after commodity amongst his peers.  Not only does he set high standards for himself, but he insists that his team be just as knowledgeable….as Andrew strives to surround himself with those in the field capable of matching or exceeding these standards. One can rest assured that Andrew will surpass your expectations by not only providing exceptional service, but by protecting the best interests of your company. 

What sets Precision Solution Group apart from its peers?  To being with, a commitment to service and price guarantees, as well as a remarkable ‘uptime guarantee.’  Engaging Precision Solution Group to provide exceptional technology service is exactly what the recipient receives….a steadfast, reliable service commitment from Andrew Ramsey and his team of professionals who expect and accept nothing less….“My business is about integrity!”


Andrew Ramsey, President & CEO, Precision Solution Group.

President & CEO, Precision Real Estate Group. 

Founding Partner of Synergy National.


Founding Partner, Synergy National
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