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Andrew Howard is a Cleveland native that began recording bands in his neighborhood during his junior high school years.  He graduated from Kent State University with a bachelors in communications.  During his college years he began working at the #1 NPR radio station in the country recording operas and symphonies.  A couple years later he received an internship at WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland.  After 2 weeks of his internship he was hired as an audio engineer for the 10’oclock news on WUAB.

A year later he became a record executive by earning a recording distribution deal out of New York and launching one of the top line dance acts and labels in the US.  Later, Andrew began working for GSW the third largest ad agency in the country as a audio engineer and videographer.  He began networking and scored mixing a song for the music legend Bootsy Collins and the Chicago Cubs.  At this point others began to notice his talent.  

He was next sought out by Paradox Games to do 360 degree audio for a virtual reality video game and commercials.  Simultaneously, he’s working on the official documentary for Stewart Jordan who has produced 23 platinum albums, 5 gold and 3 diamond records (with TLC and Tupac Shakur).  Andrew has also extended his brand by creating visual business cards for local speakers and  helping HR professionals save time and money by creating concise messaging that they can use in the workplace for their employees.

Howard is very enthusiastic about the future and looks to have an even more exciting care and year with new partnerships and joint ventures. 

Social Media Consultant
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