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Questions and Answers
How often does the group meet?
We meet twice a month, networking starts at 11:30, and the meeting at noon. The meetings adjourn at 1:30 pm. Morning meetings can also be done based on what the Chapter decides.

What else happens in the meetings?
Once lunch and networking is done, each member stands and gives a 60 second “commercial” about their business. The more you talk about how you help your customers – opposed to what it is you do – the more other members will relate to your service.

Each meeting, one or more member(s) is given the floor to give a 5 to 10 minute, in-depth presentation about their business.

There are also announcements and updates on what’s happening with the group, as well as explanations of National Synergy’s guidelines.

Visitation days are also set up each month. Each member arranges a 15-20 minute visit to the business of another member to learn more about that member’s business. At the following meetings, each visitor will be required to give a 60 second “commercial” for the other member’s business they visited.

What follows are members offering public referrals to other members, so everyone in attendance sees how the referrals work and how many are given out that week.

Guests and new members are also given a chance to talk about their business.

What are the responsibilities of the members?
There are just a few requirements of each member;

1. Be an active participant in the meetings;

2. Give referrals to other members of the group;

3. Invite potential new members to the meetings; (Because the more members, the more referrals.)

4. Be on a committee

How many referrals do I have to give?
Members are expected to give a minimum of two referrals a month. But again, the more you give, the more you’ll get.

What would be a good, potential guest?
There are two requirements for a qualified guest:

1. A person whose business is not yet represented in your Chapter. (See the “Top Businesses” list.)

2. Someone whose business will not conflict with any existing member’s business.

As a guest, how many meetings can I attend before I’m able to join?
The simple answer: two. Each qualified guest of a member should attend two meetings in (preferably, consecutive meetings). Then you can submit an application. An inspection of your place of business is also required for membership.

Once I’m a member, am I expected to do business only with other members?
No, though loyalty to other members will increase your chances of getting referrals in return. We know you have existing working relationships, but the support you show to National Synergy members will pay you back well.

Do I have to be at every meeting?
We encourage members to attend all of the eight meetings in a quarter. If you miss one or two meetings a quarter, just keep the lines of communication open and let us know why you can’t make it.

Can someone from my company fill in for me?
Yes, but on a limited basis, as long as they have the same qualifications as you. Once you’re a member, you are expected to attend most of the meetings.

What is the cost, and when are dues due?
Dues are to be paid quarterly, and promptly. New member dues can be pro-rated, depending upon when they join in any given quarter.

Who can I call if I have more questions?
Contact Diane Wingerter, VP of Operations at 1-614-556- 3049.

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